I've teamed up with Wendy's to share the 'low down' on their fun new contest!  For a limited time, Wendy's has their new grilled chicken flatbread sandwiches available... it comes in honey mustard and asiago ranch.  Tasty! 

So.. more about this contest.  Wendy's is giving you a chance to win $6,000!  All you have to do is film a 6-15 second video clip (on either Vine or Instagram) about the flatbread sandwich and use the hashtags #6SecondsFlat and #LittleBits6... so simple!  Have fun with it, and make it funny!  You can see a lot of the silly video clips on their website.  And you can read all the official details here.

And yes.. yes I made a video.  I call this one, "Ma!  The Flatbread!"... you know, after the Will Ferrell line in Wedding Crashers (Ma! The meatloaf!)  And yes, that was totally my husbands idea.

This post is sponsored by Wendy's.  All opinions are my own.

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