rootbeer revelry


This past weekend we took a little stroll in downtown Galena.  Not a good place to go if you're on a diet... chocolate, popcorn, and candy factories galore.  Which is exactly why it's one of my favorite places!  This time, though, I didn't get any fresh kettle corn, or caramel apples, or chocolate goodies.  We went to a new (since the last time I've been there) place called Rootbeer Revelry.

They had shelves full of every kind of root beer possible.  Most of which I've never heard of, but had really fun labels.  Really old root beer that I haven't seen around in a long time.. such as Dog n Suds.... and then they had my absolute favorite... 1919.  Best.  Rootbeer.  Ever.

Clara was eyeballing our root beer floats.  If anyone has any type of food, you are her new best friend.  We couldn't help but give her a little taste of the ice cream!

And this is her happy face after she had a taste.

I'm sure that's what my face looked like too.  This family loves rootbeer floats!

And then on our way out.. I saw this sign at a little store front...... and I think it was a 'sign' that, yes, I do need more yarn.  ;)  Lots of work going on these days at my etsy shop (FB page).


  1. Clara sure did love the Rootbeer Revelry, she was greeting the other customers with a big 'hi' when they came thru the :)

  2. This is like heaven for me! I love (and miss) Lotsa root beer and I am obsessed with dr. brown's! New follower here :)


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